What is Real?

The world is full of things we don’t see.  Just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  Can we see magnetic energy?  Can we see gravity?  Can we see love? Magnetic energy is multi-dimensional; gravity is closely related to magnetism while most would say love is very multi-dimensional.  We believe these exist even though we don’t see them because we can feel them.  Some people can feel more subtle energies while yet others don’t believe they exist.

Our world is full of different types of energy beyond what many would believe is real.  Let’s consider a ghost, this is a popular energy which has been studied and documented by different researchers yet others still don’t believe they exist.  There are instruments that will detect some of these energies, tape recorders have recorded voices, things have moved while others have seen strange things happen.

These energies don’t require validation from anyone to exist.  If people don’t believe in them they still exist, regardless of anyone’s opinion.  These energies are usually unseen by most of the population, some people are sensitive enough to see them and report having done so.  Much of the time those reports are met with much skepticism which usually boils down to “if I can’t see it, its not there so you’re just seeing things.”

This is where we revisit love, gravity and magnetic energy.  We can’t see these but we can agree they’re here with us.  Maybe more of the unseen exist being here with us at this moment, maybe even right next to us.

Looking into the lesser understood energies reveals a far better picture of the possibilities in creation allowing us a greater perception of other dimensions.  Some of these energies are not interested in us at all while others seem troublesome at best.  Many are just looking for a home intending to moving in and stay.  The Rescuing Lost Souls site was created to develop awareness of these little known energies.  The removal of any wayward energies, attached objects or beings which interfere with living our own life is a benefit which I know personally having had a number of items remove many years ago, it changed my life inspiring me to learn more about this.


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