Why are we here?

Could our being here be more involved than the meeting of our mother and father?  Although this is the most obvious reason of why we’re here, could there be a larger purpose entailing a well conceived but less than evident plan?  Anyone finding themselves curious may want to look under the hood so to speak and ponder what makes life here work.

A spiritual perspective of our existence on Earth may cause some to feel it’s controversial at the very least.  In term of spirituality, we’re here for a purpose, not just by an accident of chance.  This spiritual purpose is to take part in a cooperative venture with the Earth to complete a Divine task.  As a result we are directly linked to the Earth energetically. The Earth is not just a random place for life to happen floating somewhere in space.  Everyone has planed their birth and life choosing their parents with the greatest of care.  I’ve heard so many comments about “Why would I have chosen the parents I have or the life I have?”  In spite of this we had a purpose in these decisions and the terms of our being here to setup the greatest possible learning potentials.  One objective is to have the experience we need to grow in our understanding of who we are as Divine Beings.

The connotations of good and bad are human perspectives on the worth of any experience.  It’s easy to say a good experience is one we want to have again and not the others.  In terms of higher consciousness beings, no such view exists.  Every experience is valid for our learning and worth the effort, learning from a less desirable experience is still learning.  While we’re here having these experiences in a greater view we participate in a “test of energy.”  The test is not of ourselves so much as we’re testing what will happen when we don’t remember who we are as Divine beings as we’re faced with decisions to make both individually and collectively.  (read “Who are We?” for a more on the test of energy)  We test the ebb and flow of consciousness as we work towards a goal of holding a higher consciousness than we had yesterday.  The cycles of this test have come and gone several times through the centuries with four previous failures to make a shift of consciousness to a higher level.  This time we are in a greater place of understanding to work from.  The energy of the Earth at any moment is the summation of everything which has ever happened here since civilization started.  The Earth records everything; the times of peace and of war are all mixed together creating the overall energy of consciousness which we live in daily.  The affects of this energy partially reflects in how we react to everyday life since we are taking part in this energy every moment of everyday.  We always have the opportunity to choose how we will act or react to life in every moment which is part of going to a higher consciousness.


2 thoughts on “Why are we here?

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