Quartz, not just another Rock – Part I

Quartz is formed from a chemical compound known as silicon dioxide (SiO2) or silica which is known for its hardness and abundance.  Silica is used in electronics manufacturing for computer chips, telecommunications fiber optics, in construction as concrete and even as an additive in food and toothpaste.  Our glass and ceramic tile products also contain silica.

This list is only a brief one to give examples, we walk on the sand at the beach which is largely silica.  So many more daily things we touch or see contain silica, it’s everywhere around us.

My favorite form of silicon dioxide is the crystalline form known as Quartz which is the second most common mineral on Earth.  Most of us find quartz crystals in their many verities attractive, the major categories of quartz are; Clear, Citrine, Rose, Amethyst, Smoky and Milky.  There are numerous subcategories some of which are; single and double terminated with different face configurations, single point and clusters, elestials, twins, scepters and cathedrals.  Many different types of minerals have silicon dioxide as part of them and Quartz crystals can also have other minerals in them too.

Now we can get into the interesting and fun things about Quartz.  The beauty of the quartz crystal is well known to most of us, the greater beauty of the quartz crystals is unknown to many of us.  A crystalline structure holds energy.  This energy could be in many forms from information to memories.  The capabilities of quartz are greatly underestimated.  Everything is part of God, so the quartz is more than just a part of nature.  The quartz crystal has a multidimensional connection to all that is in the universe.

So, what do we do with a well connected rock?

A connection to the matrix of the universe could give us the ability to gain information on anything desired.  In an esoteric view the quartz crystal has its own intelligence complete with a personality besides the direct connection to the universe.  All of this makes a quartz crystal the computer of the future, no battery, keyboard, monitor or maintenance contracts.  The crystal is always connected to the UWW (universe wide web) at instantaneous speeds requiring no software upgrades ever.  That was said a bit jokingly to get your attention but it’s the truth.  In the past few years I’ve learned why I like crystals so much for so long.  Having never met a crystal I didn’t like I’ve been taught a good many spiritual lessons by just taking the time to work with them.  The great volume of information isn’t in what we would call a “spoken” language at all.  For those who believe they couldn’t hear the words of a crystal or any other part of nature take heart you don’t need “hear” the words.  The information is transferred to us subconsciously as an understanding beyond words, it’s a conceptual knowing.  To play with the words, knowing the concept of knowing is conceptually unknown to most people in today’s society.  All too many of us have become TV and computer junkies addicted to “reality” shows while we’re not texting someone and with the internet we’ve lost the ancient understanding of nature.

I can see this is going to be a long one, please come back to read part II


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