Life after Death?

This question is in the minds of many, some of those have already found an answer fitting their belief system.  At times we all reevaluate the positions we hold on ideas when we come upon new thoughts on a subject.

From the figures I’ve heard 82% of the world’s population believes in some form of an after life.  If so, then the general consensus is in favor of life continuing after death.

Looking from a standpoint of technology, brain waves are like radio waves.  Radio waves are found everywhere even traveling through space independent of the existence of a radio to receive them.  So it seems only logical that brain waves/thought could also exist without a structure to be in.  Medical science knows we lose about 21 grams of “something” right at the moment of death.  What the cause of this loss is has defied explanation to science.

Those believing death is the end do as a purely personal choice which is their right to do so.  From a legal perspective it’s not possible to disprove the existence of something so this leaves the door open to investigate the possibilities.  This in mind we’ll look at the metaphysical view of life after death.  If you’ve had metaphysical experiences you could believe in this, if not it’s had to know for sure.

From a spiritual viewpoint there is no death, only a transition for one form to another.  We have always existed outside of time.  Time is a three dimensional linear concept/convenience created for us to separate one moment from the next due to a limited perception while we’re in human form.  It took me a long time to understand the concept of time being an illusion after having to be at work on time for so many years.  It did sink in a bit after a while. (several years LOL)  We’ve grown up with time so thinking beyond time isn’t easy.  Back to life after death, if consciousness has always been here then we don’t die only change forms.  We come to earth visiting and working here for as long as we are needed.  I won’t get into why we come today, that’s a long story for later.  So if we’ve “lived” before we’ve probably had other lives here too.  At death/transition we go back to the state of “being” which we came from leaving the empty body behind.  Metaphysically we have life as consciousness forever, we transition into life here then return to living as pure consciousness again.

If this is the first exposure to metaphysics it could be confusing.  After going into greater study it would be less confusing when more details are understood.  I’ll write more on time, space, multi-dimensional energy and the reasons we come to Earth to incarnate in the first place in other blogs, each one is a blog or more of its own.

Is there Life after Death?  It would depend on your definitions of Life and Death. Is there an “After Life,” in my view, oh yes.  The study of metaphysics and the accompanying inner journey will place each of us touch with the understanding of who we are, where we’re from and where we return to.

Have you or someone you know had a “near death” experience? I’d like to hear about it.


2 thoughts on “Life after Death?

  1. I had lately (also few times in the past) “death experiences” in my dreams. That last one was impressing. In that dream, after death there were a lot of life… (I know this doesn´t answer your question) ;))

    • I’ve heard speakers with near death experiences talk about their journeys but I haven’t had one myself.
      Dreams take place in a multi-dimensional state so things happen which don’t make sense to us in what we call the real world. I’m not sure if I’ve dreamed of a past life death or not but some of the occurrences have been from other lives.
      Thanks for the response. Keep dreaming. 😉

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