The Ouiji board and the Innate

The question has been brought up several times in the past few years, now seems a good time to set the record straight for those uncertain.

The Ouiji board is sold as a child’s toy or novelty.  The Ouiji board is not a toy!  This is a way to communicate with multidimensional energies, aka Angels and/or Guidance.  These are a spiritual tool in the hands of those knowing the reasons they work and how to use them.  The Ouiji board can be detrimental to those not being aware of the pit falls or not knowing what could sneak in attaching itself to the board co-opting the communications to give really bad information and advice.  To successfully use a Ouiji board it’s necessary to have the Higher Self or Guidance take control of the board by asking for this to happen.  Regardless of the board being new or used it could already have a lower energy attached to it, Sage is highly over rated to get rid of lower energies.  The lower energies of lesser strength could be removed by covering the board with rock salt for a few days.  (dispose of the salt afterwards)  Testing to see if the lower energy is gone or the board is otherwise clean can be done with a pendulum. (more on this in a moment)  Don’t ask the board if it’s clean, if it’s not clear you’ll the wrong answer.  (If it is clean you’ll get a yes and if it’s not you’ll get a yes, lower energies aren’t truthful)

The Innate

The driving energy behind the functioning of the Ouiji board is a multidimensional field of energy from our own DNA which is often referred to as the Innate.  This field extends up to 25 feet from our bodies.  Each cell’s DNA adds its energy to form this larger Innate field.  This intelligent field of energy communicates with our higher self and all of creation to bring accurate information to us.  The Innate is also responsible for the operation of all our bodies systems and functions.  This explains why a person with a spinal column injury at the neck still has all the internal organs continue to function.  Medical science suggests it’s the brain that controls everything but how would the body keep going with the nerves disconnected at the neck?  Every cell in the body communicates with every other cell by a process of Inductance.  Induction happens when two (or more) magnetic fields overlap each other, they exchange information in this way so your big toe knows what your ear is doing.  Magnetic energy is multidimensional in its nature.  The Innate is a very low level magnetic field but it’s there.

The Innate has access to all of the information although many times we’ll ask something we shouldn’t know about.  Such as if we ask “when will I die?” you won’t get the answer you’re looking for unless the board has been co-opted.  Questions we ask must be well formed and concise, if there’s more than one possible way to answer a question reform the question.  Once I asked “How many lives have I had?” I got an answer but what I really wanted to know was “How many incarnations have I had?”  This may seem like the same question but they are not, so be mindful of how the wording is in order to get an answer to the question you wanted to ask.

Other Tools for the Innate

Kinesiology or muscle testing and the pendulum work with the Innate in much the same way to aid us in gaining information.  There are many ways to do Kinesiology so this will take some research to find one you like.  The pendulum is pretty straight forward, a small weight on a string or light chain about eight inches long.  Try to hold it still and ask it to show you the motion for a “yes” then ask for a “no.”  There are other possible motions such as diagonal left or right and circular in both directions and no movement at all.  Lastly the amount of movement also tells how much of a yes or no the answer is, ie not much movement is only a little, a lot of movement is very much.  If you get one of these, start asking questions to see what it means.  (some of the possibilities are “I’m not going to say,” “ask in a different way,” “the answer is uncertain” and so on)  Ask a question which has a yes or no answer to it and see what you get.  I’ll suggest you try things you know the answer to first to check on how you’re doing.  You can ask anything with a yes or no answer but you may still run into a question you shouldn’t know the answer to then you get no movement or something different.  Experiment with it and see what happens, above all no cheating (LOL) with the pendulum, try to hold it still by resting your elbow on something.


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