What If?

What if there was more to the universe than we think there is.

What if we were surrounded by energies which we don’t see.

What if these energies we’re conscious and wanted to talk to us.

What if we’re here having a life for another reason than just being here.

What if there was a reason we keep having the same issues happen to us.

Science is investigating many things once considered too bizarre to be real.  They’ve coined the term “multi-dimensional entanglement” after seeing a particle of light being in two places at the same time.  Science is seeing there’s more to the fabric of the universe than was understood before.  Experiments are being done with small controlled multi-dimensional fields.  We know they exist, we just don’t have the way to detect them yet.

Astronomers are seeing the universe in a new light. (LOL)  They see the way things have happened in space do not fit “random chance,” they’ve coined the term “intelligent design” to describe how the universe operates.  Newtonian physics works for the movement of planets and other objects in a solar system but fails completely to explain the movement of stars in a Galaxy.

Metaphysics has long studied what we don’t see understanding it’s there to be found.  Psychics and other sensitive people will tell us there is intelligent life all around us just waiting to be contacted.  Cameras have taken pictures of unexplained orbs, color patterns and grids.  Some pictures have been faked while most are real.  I’ve seen quite a few pictures from people I know who have nothing to prove or to sell and I’ve been at a home when pictures of orbs were taken, transferred to the PC and displayed so no one could have tampered with them.

We’ve gone from science to what some call not science at all so let’s get really strange and talk about a pure spiritual view of how it really looks.

We are here on the Earth for good reason.  We have volunteered to come here to take part in a test.  The Earth is test of energy about what will an angelic being decide when faced with problems and situations when they can’t remember who they really are or what they know.  This may take some pondering, we have “free will” to do as we please spiritually.  The question is can we find our way to making better choices while walking around blind so to speak.  This tests our intuition and ability to do the right thing if not just knowing what the right thing is.

Part of the experience of being on Earth is the learning to make better choices.  To help us in the learning we have the ancient system of Karma.  Karmic law (no lawyers study this thank God) we are subject to action vs reaction or cause and affect.  What happens to a person in one life at the hands of another will be reversed in another life so both can know what it feels like.  So if someone throws rock at you in this life it’s your turn next time to throw them back.

All of these experiences are stored to be remembered, in time they’ll all come back to visit us both the good stuff and those things you’d rather not remember.  Some even bring health issues with them from life to life.  Every past life experience is stored in our cellular structure in what science say is the junk portion of our DNA.  They call it junk just because they don’t see the energy or know what it’s for, it’s really multi-dimensional.

The process of bringing these issues to a close is a long lasting task over many life times.  There several techniques to speed the process along, one of which is the Aurora Source Radiance energy.  Those practiced in this energy work will navigate the maze of past lives to clear these old issues changing the situation of today.


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