Learning from the Past Writings

All who have come before us have left behind their teachings since we could chisel stone.  We learn from these teachings what was believed to be true then as long as we don’t conclude that just because they’re from historical writers they must still be the sole truth now.  To use the writings of the past as a perspective point to work from allows use to our own perception independently seeing what could be a new truth.

We find many concepts from history which have been revised a bit over the years such as “the world is flat,” “the Earth is the center of the universe and everything revolves around the Earth” and my all time favorite (not) is “blood letting” to remove the bad blood.  This one puts a different spin on being a quart low.

The thoughts of any philosopher can be biased by the culture of the time it was written or of the reader in the time it’s read.  Being clear and objective is a developed talent allowing the intuition to point the way a core understanding.

There’ll always be those in a given society with different ideas so the debate is on.  Reincarnation is a long standing topic for disagreement.  This concept has been with us for many centuries, I’ve heard that more than 80% of the world believes in some form of after life yet the less than 20% is apposed to life after death.  Some are very adamant that such a thing an after life could not possibly be true.  I’d take those 80% odds of an after life to a Casino any day.  The question is how long will it be before technology can prove (no one can disprove the existence of something) there is more to the universe than we can see.

How do you feel about what was held as truth in history?  Have you found anything which is still valid?


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