Entities, Real or Hoax

The opinions fly on this subject.  Those feeling since we can’t measure them (most of the time) they don’t exist.  One possibility for objection is the human trait of being in fear of what we don’t see or understand.  How do we defend ourselves from we can’t see it?  While another group believes in haunted houses complete with interactive ghosts.

Quantifiable evidence is far and few, mostly for the limitations of technology being able to measure the subtle energies emitted.  Some instruments do exist to detect magnetic and sudden temperature changes associated with these “phenomena” although these are very simple compared to the complex multi-dimensional energies which comprise these entities.

So, are they here?  Like the famous line from the movie Poltergeist, “They’re here.”  Yes indeed, they’re all around us in numbers a well known hamburger chain would envy.  I have no way to prove that statement or the following statements so I’ll just lay it out for your consideration.  After years of spiritual learning and working in the field with subtle energies it’s given much time to form a theory of how it is or as best as a three dimensional human can understand it to be.

Every human who has ever had an incarnation (another contested theory) on Earth has left behind the energy of that existence.  They have no where to go and nothing to do.  Being multi-dimensional they’re outside of time as we know it to be so they don’t have an expiration date either.  Psychics and other sensitive people see them or feel their being around.  The humans who were “good people” leave behind entities/energies having no interest in bothering us.  It’s the other ones we’re concerned with or should be.  The ones who were a pain in the backside while they were living are still that way today.  This is the group taking pleasure and sport from interfering in our lives.  Most of the time they live in our homes with us and many times move into our bodies camping out with us.  Depending on the “pain in the rear” quotient and how many there are they exert influence on our everyday thinking.  This is book material, it’s more involved than can be conveyed in a single blog posting, so I’ll keep it short.  More information can be found at Rescuing Lost Souls.  From personal experience I had energies and attached entities which I’d carried with me from birth.  These entities have their own plans which are not in anyone’s best interest.  Once they were removed my life changed in ways I couldn’t have believed had someone told me it would happen.  The process and results inspired me to learn more about this healing work leading me to an extended journey of exploration working with the higher beings to understand even more.

In summary, if we think what we think is our own thoughts, maybe not.  If there is an energy/entities attached to us we are influenced on some level from slightly, to part time or even full time possession.  People who switch moods quickly sometimes have help being that way.  And just a quick mention it’s not uncommon for these entities to bring the diseases they had while they were living to us.  More than once clients have spent hours in medical facilities only to be told it’s all in their head since the test don’t show anything unusual.  In a way it was in their head but not in the way it was meant, after clearing the trespassing entities out the situations cleared up.  It can and does happen.  Have you ever wondered if you were alone in your head?  Have you ever wondered why you did something which seemed out of character?  I’d like to hear about those experiences, type in a reply.


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