Being Open Minded

Being open minded isn’t about letting everything escape from your head or let just anything which comes along get in.  It’s about allowing the possibility of something new the chance to be accepted.  No matter how much we think we know there are always new things to be considered and a different way to see what we’ve thought about before.  The world is full of new ideas although not all of them fit into what we believe the truth is.  The truth itself expands as we learn more so “truth” isn’t just a static concept.  What if truth turned out to be a variable even though we believe it to be as fixed as if it were written in stone?  In spiritual terms we also have the “higher truth.”  As our perception allows us to accommodate greater information and understanding we expand the amount of truth we see encompassing a greater view.  In this way what we thought was the whole truth was only a portion of what is true.  Extending this we could say what’s true for one may not be true for another person depending on what they’ve learned.  We’re not talking about the world being flat here just personal truths such as what’s good for someone to eat for nourishing their bodies or likes and dislikes.  This would lead into group consciousness reality versus individual consciousness reality.  That would be a long one so we’ll save it for another time.

So back to being open minded thinking outside of the crayon box will always improve our flexibility to understand more than we did before.   In the course of learning we many times find the need to re-frame what we hold as truth.  While learning the finer points of clearing energies it often happened where taking a second look or even a third look at what was believed to be the truth lead to greater understanding.  More information can be found at Rescuing Lost Souls concerning this topic and others.

Have you embraced a new idea lately?  Have you ever revised your thinking about something based on new information?


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